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December 16th, 2012, 23:04
You have to remember that decades ago, everyone had guns too, and such mass rage killings were almost unheard of. If a teen would have brought a gun to school, it wouldn't even have provoked an hysteria.

I chalk it up to the erosion of the family unit and stability, the result of this being too many people growing up socially alienated and psychologically broken.

I know that if a criminal erupts into my home and threatens my wife and my future son, I want to be able to protect them. Now not only am I not allowed to have a weapon to defend myself against the intruder in Canada, but I have to walk on eggshells in the middle of such an explosive situation to make sure I do not harm the criminal who could torture or kill me or the members of my family at any point, so that he doesn't sue me later. It is beyond messed up.

As many have iterated, it is the people who kill. The people are growing less psychologically healthy and broken due to social choices having had negative impact on the family unit, the backbone of society, and due to values that have progressively become perverse and become a negative, amoral echo chamber glorifying all the wrong things. There is no need to look further.

Also, guns being technically illegal in Canada doesn't stop gangs and petty criminals in the greater Toronto area and in Montreal from having them, and using them to fight one another and terrorizing innocent people. It only means that the population at large is rendered impotent.

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