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December 16th, 2012, 23:09
Everyone here that want's to outlaw gun's, and I'm not saying I necessarily disagree.

how do you think you can enforce that?

Does making guns illegal stop this from happen?

All that changes is he has to obtain the guns illegally. Drugs are illegal yet if you have cash and a spare half hour anyone can go get some.

It's easy to say just get rid of access to guns but no one that's saying that seems to have any idea how that would be possible.

Guns have been around since the beginning of america but this problem has never been so wide spread. I think this has much more to do with societal changes than access to guns. Guns are the tools not the motive.

We live in a society that's rampant with bullying and cyber bullying, kids that have real mental issues are just giving pills rather than being treated, children are beating each other up and posting it on youtube for christ sake. Their are more single parents now than ever and in dual parent families more often than not both parents have to work so kids come home with no supervision. There are so many problems that transcend just limiting access to guns as a solution.

Sure, limiting access to guns would probably be a good thing but far from a solution and please someone tell me a feasible plan to make the idea even work. As I wrote earlier people are not going to line up and willing surrender their guns no matter how stupid some of you think gun ownership is.
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