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December 16th, 2012, 23:20
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Unfortunately, it's not average liberal and conservative viewpoints that matter. It's the liberal and conservative viewpoints that are willing to go vote in the primaries that matter. Thank you ridiculous gerrymandering.
This. There's only about 40 house seats that are considered competitive; the vast majority of representatives in either party are in districts where they may have to worry more about primary challenges than general elections. Unfortunately this also means that as long as they appease their more right or left leaning constituents they don't really have to get anything done to secure their reelection. For many of them then, this represents some relatively strong job security as it stands currently. That means that there is almost no chance for reform of redistricting standards between censuses and the overwhelming advantage given to any party that finds itself in power at the state level come census time means it is also unlikely that we will see reform there either.
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