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December 17th, 2012, 12:55
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Youre a criminal's dream come true, the perfect victim. I wonder if youd feel the same laying there, beaten and tied up, while your life (and wife) is violated by a predator.

If you were still alive, that is.

I am genuinely curious as to whether you'd have a change of heart or not. People change, right?
You are talking to a social psychologist, what do you expect?

Trying to imagine a distressful, dangerous and extreme situation when you are rested, calm and safe is one of the most common forms of irrationality out there and the most common mistake "rational" people make. It's irrational because it disregards hundreds of important factors that will impact their behavior and if they are adults they have already experienced hundreds of times they acted completely wrong then replayed their mistakes in their head afterwards and they cannot explain or understand why they did so wrong.

I am honest to myself since I have the facts; My behavior in a such situation is not a choice. You do not know how you will act either. How can I tell? Because there's tons of research on the subject and people in general behave very differently from what they imagine they would do once they are in that situation. Some freeze even if they imagined them to act as an action-hero. Some go the complete other direction.

You may claim you do, in order to feel more safe now, but that's just to quell your cognitive dissonance.

The realization that ones rational brain is disabled when the peripheral brain takes over is necessary to value the control we do have and that control is to think ahead and avoid that situation in the first place. Which is why I support projects to minimize crime before they happen. Some things will slip through my fingers sure, but better that than relying on me being an action hero when I accept am not.

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