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December 17th, 2012, 13:03
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You have to remember that decades ago, everyone had guns too, and such mass rage killings were almost unheard of.
Myth. Violence have steadily gone down. The only difference is that we now have worldwide media so one case in the world is debated. That didn't happen 30 years ago.

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I chalk it up to the erosion of the family unit and stability
Western Europe demolish your argument and whole line of reasoning. Please rethink your reasoning from scratch.

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I know that if a criminal erupts into my home and threatens my wife and my future son, I want to be able to protect them. Now not only am I not allowed to have a weapon to defend myself against the intruder in Canada
Becoming obsessed of danger scenarios to the point in which you feel the need to arm yourself isn't a sign of good mental health.

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