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December 20th, 2012, 00:45
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Actually arming kids is pretty much in line or not far off from the general chorus of the gun zealots we have heard. More guns, more people with guns, more guns everywhere - that was their FIRST response. Meet the potential of armed threat with a greater armed preparedness. Responsibility and moderation were second at best. Certainly this is an extreme response, but are you debating that it is only slightly off what they were saying on Fox News even as they were carting out bodies?
As the resident "gun zealot" who hangs out with a lot of other "gun zealots" I can assure you that arming children has no support anywhere whatsoever. The most popular idea right now is the stationing of a minimum of one armed police officer at all schools. There is also support for a measure that would allow for teachers who have a desire to be armed and are otherwise legally able to do so to be granted that ability. I would prefer the teachers be required to undergo some sort of training before that. But on the flip side, no one seems to care if the police are armed everywhere and most of them have a laughable amount of training.
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