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December 20th, 2012, 14:11
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As for what we "Euros" like, I'm pretty sure it's very much the same thing. Nobody fully trusts the government - because you'd have to be a fool to trust people in power. But we need government to make civilization work until we're ready to do without it - which is very, very far into the future.
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Those who argue that "freedom" means abolishing government aims to abolish the freedom that government protects.
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This was really a remarkably dumb comparison, especially in an argument that uses the word "logic".
What you guys also have to remember is that the generalities he speaks of represent a group that:
- Claims to want religious freedom yet seeks to exclude any notice of non-Christian holidays in December.
- Claims to want equal rights yet seeks to discriminate based on gender, race, country of origin and sexual preference.
- Violently opposes Sharia based on not wanting religious laws … yet seeks to have Bible based lawmaking.
- Claims to want government out of our lives … except where it involves legislating morality.
- Complains about jobs overseas, yet seeks to abolish science education - and worse yet wants to replace it with medieval church teachings.
… and so on …

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