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December 20th, 2012, 18:59
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More strict gun laws will have almost no impact on firearm violence. You can check out the CDC study published in 03. (Their findings/methodologies/etc were published in the American Journal for preventative Medicine 28.2-S1) Also the Cato Journal (Issue 26.1) printed another study done quite locally to me. Both are fairly well known peer reviewed journals. I find it odd that they are so rarely mentioned, by I imagine that is mostly because the findings do not support either popular political parties narrative on the matter.

The only form of gun "control" that would likely impact gun deaths in any meaningful way is complete state repossession. And that could actually spark off a war. Coupled with the fact that there is no conclusive data to predict how effective such measures would be, no one is likely to go there.
That's interesting. (I am not interested enough to read the journals themselves, but I'll go ahead by trusting you know what you're talking about )

This runs completely contrary to my "common sense". In my head, less guns in the country > less gun crime in the country. That seems quite simple to me.

Not that it would reduce gun crime to 0.0001 per 100k, but something more like from 5 per 100k to 4.6 per 100k or something …

So what do you think would be appropriate measures and why do you think the US does have so much gun crime ?


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