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December 21st, 2012, 01:44
Not sure if people here are attacking the idea of alternative cures for cancer so take my words posted as just words.I am super tired and so just skimmed the responses.

I believe the peroxide treatment works as it kills almost all viruses,fungus and other pathogens while leaving the human cells pretty much alone.After all the body produces H2O2 to do just this in the body.The fungus idea is important as an Italian doctor claims that cancer is actually a fungal invasion.He cures many patients by injecting baking soda directly into the tumor wherein the tumor just melts away.There are also baking soda cancer cure videos on Youtube where people have cured themselves of terminal cancer in a few weeks by ingesting ridiculous amounts of baking soda.

A theory of mine is that our diets cause our bodies to become super acidic and its a well known fact that cancer patients are running super low body ph's.I think that a way to combat this is to drink alkaline water but this is negated if you eat a normal diet high in acidifying foods like soda.

The newest one to come out is that cancer eats sugar and if you go low carb the cancer dies off.Reason is that while humans can run off glucose or the "fat made alternative" ketones,cancer cells on the other hand do not have this luxury.Many people are now going to very low carb,very high fat diets to kill off the cancer.
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