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December 21st, 2012, 02:02
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Not sure if people here are attacking the idea of alternative cures for cancer so take my words posted as just words.I am super tired and so just skimmed the responses.
Nope I'm attacking the idea of people like "The Gerson Institute" and its subsidiaries who try to peddle anecdotes as proof of the soundness of their products, literature, and expensive treatment clinics. How is that any better than systemically biased industry-funded drug trials which give a false impression as to the soundness of their products? I mean its not exactly the same because the drug companies don't offer to sell you a copy of the reports on their website, but its pretty similar in terms of being a fair bit worse than disingenuous. They also use pretty much the same methods; sponsor the production of litterature which takes more than a few liberties with the truth in order to find itself overwhelmingly supportive of what you sell, have it circulate as though it arose naturally and independently within the marketplace of ideas, and say "see, this shows you should buy our stuff."

I see this video being sold alongside several others (Gerson Miracle for example) by Gerson Media where the producer and executive producer for many of them are the same people whose entire resume consists of making films glowingly supportive of products and services also sold by Gerson Media and associated companies. I note the consistent misrepresentation of the testimonials as proof and pretending that asking for data to calculate success rates instead of hand-selected success stories isn't entirely reasonable. After this I feel like I'm watching an infomercial crafted by some failed drug-rep's evil twin.

We should investigate alternative therapies aggressively as it is quite possible some may lead to breakthroughs that may not have otherwise been discovered. We should not however take our cues from people trying to sell us shit. I would not consider a pharmaceutical rep telling me about how there were hundreds of people who took an amazing new diet-pill and lost weight without dying to be proof that diet pills are the real cure to obesity rather than all that healthy diet and clean living stuff. If it also seemed he might just work for the maker of said "amazing" pill I'd probably suspect what I had heard just may have been a bit of a disingenuous sales pitch rather than a concerned citizen candidly offering what he honestly mistook as proof of something's safety and effectiveness.

If you want to know who makes it easy for pharmaceutical lobbies to make research into things that might have a chance of curing something without making them a buck look like pipe dreams and scams, it's these guys running scams like this.

EDIT: Curious to know whether my suspicion that these documentaries are effectively infomercials payed for by The Gerson Institute and its associated subsidiaries dressed up as indie documentaries is justified? Just take a look at the back of the Blu-Ray collection (which packages 3 of these videos of the same author including the ironicly named "The Beautiful Truth.")…500_SS500_.jpg

Gerson Media Productions? A bit like getting your information on the health effects of smoking from articles first printed in an old Phillip Morris company newsletter. Well maybe they just commissioned the anthology so that doesn't really prove they had anything to do with the production of any of them.

It's not like the official website for "The Beautiful Truth" is registered and operated by the guy who runs the Gerson Institute, writes some of books they sell, owns the company and clinics, and operates its book and DVD publisher "Totality Books."…

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