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December 21st, 2012, 12:04
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Not sure if people here are attacking the idea of alternative cures for cancer so take my words posted as just words.I am super tired and so just skimmed the responses.

I believe the peroxide treatment works as it kills almost all viruses,fungus and other pathogens while leaving the human cells pretty much alone.After all the body produces H2O2 to do just this in the body.The fungus idea is important as an Italian doctor claims that cancer is actually a fungal invasion.He cures many patients by injecting baking soda directly into the tumor wherein the tumor just melts away.There are also baking soda cancer cure videos on Youtube where people have cured themselves of terminal cancer in a few weeks by ingesting ridiculous amounts of baking soda.
Regarding H2O2. It's part of protection against infections, in that it's used as a signalř substance to attract white blood celles. In very small concentrations. H2O2 is outside the body used for disinfection of surfaces, but in much higher concentrations, which is definitely toxic.

Used as an enema it won't kill almost all germs, and if it did, you would certainly be in trouble, we need a well developed flora in our intestines.

As for cancer being a fungal invasion, that's a claim with extremely little support. And you would not want to ingest ridiculous amounts of baking soda, it would give you an alkalosis (too high PH), the huge amounts of sodium could increase your blood pressure and cause heart faliure. Just like salt.

A theory of mine is that our diets cause our bodies to become super acidic and its a well known fact that cancer patients are running super low body ph's.I think that a way to combat this is to drink alkaline water but this is negated if you eat a normal diet high in acidifying foods like soda.
Cancer patients don't run super low body pH's. pH in arterial blood is well regulated between 7.35 and 7.45. You won't get much below that before severe symptoms arise.

A normal diet will not cause a disturbance in blood level pH, it's well within the capacity of the acid base regulation of our bodies. Ketones are acids, so if your cells are significantly starved for sugar, body fluids will become too acidic. Which is what happens with untreaded or insufficiently treated type I diabetes where you despite a high blood sugar level have significant intracellullar starvation.
The newest one to come out is that cancer eats sugar and if you go low carb the cancer dies off.Reason is that while humans can run off glucose or the "fat made alternative" ketones,cancer cells on the other hand do not have this luxury.Many people are now going to very low carb,very high fat diets to kill off the cancer.
There are many different types of cancer, cells show different grades of mutation and their metabolism of sugars will vary a lot. So in general there's nothing preventing cancer cells in general from using ketones.

As for the Gerson therapy, it's nothing new - we've seen things like that coming up again and again, but they don't last long.


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