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December 21st, 2012, 23:45
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A normal diet will not cause a disturbance in blood level pH, it's well within the capacity of the acid base regulation of our bodies. Ketones are acids, so if your cells are significantly starved for sugar, body fluids will become too acidic. Which is what happens with untreaded or insufficiently treated type I diabetes where you despite a high blood sugar level have significant intracellullar starvation.
Interestingly, unless your liver or kidneys are compromised or you have one of a few specific metabolic disorders than a non-starvation level diet will not cause a significant disturbance in blood glucose levels let alone blood pH. Hell even for starvation, your liver with a smaller contribution from your kidneys can produce enough glucose from protein that blood glucose is able to remain pretty damn stable for up to 40 days.

That's a very good thing it turns out because despite what the poster was lead to beleive there are some very important non-cancerous cells in your body that are pretty aweful at using ketones to just even supplement their use of glucose as an energy source. Those cells happen to be your brain cells which only begin to adapt to metabolize ketones once starvation has begun (for someone not consuming carbs this would be when there was there is no longer enough dietary protein and fat combined for the liver and kidneys to convert to maintain glucose levels and the body must begin degrading its own cell proteins.) This is also a slow and at best partial adaptation such that even two weeks into starvation they would only be able to obtain about half their required energy from ketones.

So yeah if a diet were to cure cancer by reducing blood glucose levels it would take the brain with it. Luckily this does not describe most low or no carb diets unless they are so low in protein+fat content that they are just slow ways of starving to death.
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