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December 22nd, 2012, 10:32
In most fields where it's important to classify whether something is a "religion" or not, the word causes headache. There's a ton of different definitions that includes or excludes major cultural movements that are by some called "religions". It's just one of those words we get away with when we use them in everyday language but it doesn't work as a coherent definition. If you wish to include Buddhism or Confucianism for example you can't demand a God Concept. If you demand a holy man you can't include Hinduism. If you demand an afterlife or the concept of souls you can't include Judaism etc. If you want to call Buddhism and Confucianism religions you can as well call Secular Humanism a religion too. etc.

This is why I reject the concept of "religious freedom", because it gives undeserved power to whoever gets to interpret what movements are religions and what aren't that promotes corruption, providing cover or pooling resources to the interpreters own group.

Some movements always enjoy unregulated or undefined words since they can fill them with their own meaning. So one thing can be called religion one day and not religion another, depending on what there is to gain in the present situation. Some stress that "atheism" is a religion, but if the legal system would buy that, the world would quickly look very different.

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