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December 23rd, 2012, 22:37
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Please re-read that several times and understand how it pretty definitively demonstrates that you ARE a racist.


Because rather than simply opposing illegal immigration (not racist), you have changed the argument mid-stream to opposition to immigration based on maintaining the white majority status quo (definitely racist).

And further, by wanting to keep 'them' out … you solidify your racist viewpoints.

So thanks for clarifying.
No, I didnt mean for the purpose of keeping things white, and it's glorious that you actually proved my point. That's the problem, the assumption and use by political forces that it "has" to be about race, if it's non-white people immigrating to a majority white state or nation, regardless of what someone says otherwise. The notion that if someone white opposes immigration, it has to be about race, even if it's not. That's all that some people see. It cannot be financial concern of a state that's already practically bankrupt? It cannot be security concerns for a nation at war? It cannot be simply regard for the rule of law of a sovereign nation?

Nope. It must be RACISM. It's the only thing that matters, because it's the hammer that you can use to strike at your political foes to make them buckle w/ the accusation of heresy.

Arguing w/ you people is not a fun thing. This is like arguing w/ a couple 13 year olds who have never been out in the real world. I feel like I have to keep going, and I now know why i generally stay out of P&R. Screw this, you guys can have this little slice of heaven you call P&R - it seems like nothing but annoyance to me! I feel a headache forming!
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