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December 23rd, 2012, 22:43
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No, I didnt mean for the purpose of keeping things white, and it's glorious that you actually proved my point.
Sorry - but we are using the English language to talk here, and the reason I suggested that you re-read your post is that you use specific words in specific ways that demonstrably indicate a specific intent.

If the reality is that you expect people to determine your intent by means OTHER than the words you use, I suggest you stay away from the internet. If you believe that the problem is all of these 'book smart' people who understand words and sentence structure and can discern context properly … that is something entirely different.

I didn't assume that you were being racist … YOU brought race into it. Using the word 'white' (as in race) immediately draws racial distinctions that wouldn't have been needed to prove your illegal immigration point.

— Mike
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