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December 23rd, 2012, 23:24
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So then, the mere observation of fact (immigrants are not white, majority society is white) automatically makes you a racist. Cool.

A white person would be a minority in Harlem. A white person moving into Harlem would reduce the black majority. Noting that statistical fact makes me a racist, right? Gimme more enlightenment!
I will try to give you enlightenment … noting statistics is NOT racist. Using statistics as a basis for a logical push to 'keep THEM' out - with THEM directly meaning non-whites - IS racist.

And also, if a group of blacks wanted to form a strategy to 'keep THEM out' meaning whites, that would also be racist.

However, things that are done by a majority group have a different impact - MUCH greater - than things done by a minority group. Especially when that majority group has the VAST majority of power, wealth and control. And it is an indisputable truth that America is run, owned and controlled by older white men.

Glad to help.

— Mike
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