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December 24th, 2012, 01:19
Accuracy is my highest priority. And a shotgun may over penetrate less (proper ammo selection not withstanding), but if your potential collateral damage ever happens to be say, a family member standing right next to or in front of your intended target, I think you'll find yourself wishing you had almost any other gun in the world in your hands. Shotguns are cool, and shooting skeet is a lot of fun, but it is probably the last gun I would grab for defense use. If I lived completely alone, and without any pets, I might change my mind. Maybe.

Also, a short barreled assault rifle fired indoors can pretty easily exceed decibel levels capable of causing instant and permanent hearing loss. Stick with 14.5+ unless you wear amplified hearing protection (even normal hearing aids should be fine) or keep a can on your rifle.
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