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Default Are we screwing our kids over with our one size fits a all education?

December 24th, 2012, 14:26
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My son has finished in the top 2% in math and top 3% in reading every year since he started taking standardize Tests (MCA-II in our state). All states in the U.S. are required to give these tests in order to receive federal funding as part of The elementary and secondary education act and The more recent no child left behind act.

We have since enrolled him in several summer classes for advance children, meet we his teachers several times during the school year to make sure he is being challenged in school through extra credit assignments and his school also has math and reading clubs that will further challenge advanced children and we are also looking in to private schools geared towards advanced children.

We do not need schools or government regulating and segregating our children.

We need parents to know what going on in their child's life and get involved in it. This lack of parental involvement and guidance is what is screwing are kids.

You need a license to drive a car or carry a gun but anyone can be a parent and ruin a child's life.

Yeah damn, you hit the nail right on the head there too. I dont know if the new baby boom has spread far enough, but my god, up here in the UP…honestly you got something like 40% of the girls from each graduating class who end up pregnant. Some of the dumbest high school girls too…and BAM just like that, mothers of innocent children. Ill give most of them the credit that when they do have the kid, most of the girls do step it up pretty good, get into mom mode, but its just sad, because I can already see whatll happen down the road.
I mean, you have a kid by the time your an 18 year old girl, well…chances are your going to have some feelings that you still have a life to live, and to put that before that child who needs you, when YOU brought him/her here in the first place, well, thats just a bad situation. Until youve raised a little adult of course, but many dont wait that long to start neglecting their kids.
Ive seen too many who have no relationship with their parents, or who simply grow up wrong, without moms and dads there who care about them or can help them when they need it. Thats what family is, theyll ALWAYS be there for you, theyre your team, and I almost want to cry thinking about kids who dont have that.
Just so, so many of my friends and loved ones though who deal with this lack of support, in this age of mistakes and bad decisions.
Honestly fella (cant find your username lol) the fact that you take such an interest in your sons life is just such a beautiful thing, your going to raise one happy little dude And it sounds like hes always gonna have his dad around, and thats awesome
Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas

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