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December 26th, 2012, 11:31
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OK, so hold your nose. We're talking about deadly weapons, so there probably won't be too many rainbows and unicorns in the discussion. I notice that you don't have anything to say about the facts of my post. I wonder why that might be.

edit- and while we're at it, my wife had an armed criminal break into her workplace about a week ago while she was on duty. Guy was looking for drugs (she works at a nursing home). Not like we're in a rough area, but criminals live everywhere.
Your "facts" sound like the sort of rubbish 15 year old boys come up with after a six pack of beer.

So a guy breaks into your wife's workplace looking for drugs - give him the drugs. He's a desperate messed up loser yes, but a) that doesn't mean he deserves to be shot to death, and b) are you telling me that you'd have prefered your wife was armed and therefore could have taken a man's life? What an awful thing to wish for; she'd have to live with that.

If this "self defense at all costs" bollocks is so ingrained in you that you can think that way then there's no hope, but just think about what you're saying. Of course criminals are everywhere, but the odds are that people who break into nursing homes, houses, etc are not doing so to kill the occupants. They want drugs or cash. Something they can sell easily. I live in an area where there is crime and our house would be pretty easy to break into so I've thought about it a lot. I will protect my wife and kids at all costs if it comes to that, but I strongly believe that confronting an intruder with a weapon is the worst way possible to resolve the issue.
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