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Default why anyone wants an "assault rifle"

December 26th, 2012, 17:31
Originally Posted by bjon045 View Post
Any what would happen if you country was invaded in the future? (…) What if a riot got out of control and a gang of 20 men came to rape your wife?
20 men ? Well, I'm sure I won't be able to repel the flood with any hand gun so I should pick a M14 or maybe a M16 ? What do you think ? And what if there's actually a 3rd world war around and the commies come to burst at my door with a mechanized platoon or a company ? Should I go for a BMG '50 caliber and start training a militia in my neighborhood ? Maybe should I consider taking flying lessons upfront, then acquiring a Tiger or better then, a second hand Longbow helo with a full load of stingers ? What do you think ?

As a side note, as I said I'm single so don't worry about my wife being raped by a lustful crowd. Plus, I told you I'm not feeling like owning a pistole so how could it make sense for me to "own" a wife at home…

Come on please people, stop it with your paranoid advice. It may be relevant with the intelligent kind of people you are accustomed to encounter in the most advanced parts of the world you live in but here it's the real old butt of the world, where gents kill each other with a good old stabbing in the guts, one at a time, instead of by the dozen in school yards on a seemingly regular basis. We may not be as reasoning, sensitive and clever but don't take from us that we know how to butcher with style. Don't try to convince me that I'm wrong, that I'm a coward or whatever, just because I don't feel the manhood of griping on the handle of a 45 cal. I love my country (and did serve it for a year, when I was still young and therefor considered of age to die for the silliness of so called adults, who are now telling me, that killing the youngsters is the most abominable crime of all, except be it with the good reason of preserving our so called national properties from others… despite the fact it may have been theirs, before we grabbed it from them) and that has nothing to do with the fact of owning an assault rifle in my bedroom, just in case the villains would outrage my girlfriend, my mom or my cat.

By the way, just to be as moronic, I'd like to know how many wives are shot dead by their legitimate husband each day, in the land of the free dom to own a big gun ? Here in France, there are more beaten by their official lover than by your ordinary average gang of 20 on the loose. Imagine what we could do, given the appropriate armament !
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