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December 27th, 2012, 10:57
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Heh. France. Heh. And what kind of difference do you think it might have made 70 years ago if most of your population was armed? Yep sure is paranoid of me.
Well, I guess I would speak German better than I actually do after learning it for four years in college but what's the point with this question anyway ? Do you really think a peace time problem can be solved with war time policies ? That's weird as I feel i'm feeling some kind of usual irony in your comment about my country. Maybe I'm too becoming sort of paranoid ? Bah, man forget your insinuations man

Who cares what it is now. Try telling that to the people who were actually there and could have made a difference when it happened. When Nazi Germans were going door to door rounding up people and killing/raping them.
Oh, I see what you're thinking here and to be honest I feel sad for you. I won't comment any further

How selfish of you to deprive other people the right to defend their family because you have none.
How narrowminded can one be.

This kind of thing doesn't happen in france huh?…-trial-suburbs Oh…….guess it does.
Wrong argument man ! This as nothing to do with gangs breaking into a person's house nor with carrying a gun. Sorry to disappoint you but I actually heard of this story when it came out (plus that's not the sole example of the kind) and I think it has absolutely nothing in common with what we were talking here. There were gunfights in the headline news during the last decennials in France but none I can recall implying significantly more than a few people and they usually were facing the cops after a bank assault. None i can think of were involving citizens waring each others nor against any kind of aggressors from the outside
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