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December 27th, 2012, 12:02
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Oh, I see what you're thinking here and to be honest I feel sad for you. I won't comment any further
Well the good thing is at least your country doesn't feel the same as you. France now has one of the highest gun ownership per capita in the world. At least the rest of your people are sane

I just can't understand why people these days ignore history. Human history is filled with conflict and people are deluding themselves if they think the future is going to be rosy. In the last 4,000 years there has almost always been at least a couple of countries at war or a civil war going on. Good luck when the shit hits the fan mate. Yes there is a 95% chance I will never have to use my weapons but I can sleep safely knowing I can at least make an effort to protect my family or my country if I am called on.

Just to keep the discussion moving along, what would you do if 4-5 armed men came to your house?

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