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December 27th, 2012, 16:34
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I'm afraid I'm one of the heretics who actually liked the recent Star Trek movie

The series were so damn corny. And this coming from a guy who loved MacGyver!
There's a certain corny nature that's hard to avoid when you're trying to depict an optimistic future.

The key to appreciate the old Trek (the REAL Trek) - is to understand that it's not saying: Here is our future. It's saying: This COULD be our future.

Some people believe we could one day have a future resembling that, and some people don't. But the show isn't trying to paint a realistic picture as much as it's trying to paint a hopeful and optimistic picture. Something to strive for that just might be attainable.

In the 60s - the vision was quite ahead of its time, but will be extra corny today. I get that.

Which is precisely why I don't think DS9 is on par with TOS/TNG. It has excellent writing and a great cast, but it sort of goes against Roddenberry's vision - while not doing away with it entirely.

Yeah, Roddenberry was just a guy with some ideas - but since I respect and admire the ideas, I have to respect and admire the show when it stays true to them - and not when it goes against them.

I feel the same way about Tolkien and material based on his work. These guys had something to say - and it rubs me the wrong way when something good is misused for profit.

Of course, people who don't care about the material or staying true to it would have a much easier time enjoying mindless and stupid crap like the new Star Trek. I guess I might have found it entertaining if it didn't shit all over something good while not doing anything worthy of attention in the process.
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