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December 27th, 2012, 16:38
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I think the Mexican government thinks so as they took action to collect guns anonymously, in exchange for money or stuff before the end of the year. I heard some states in the U.S. did the same (at least Cali I think ?). That's a good move in the right direction. In France we had a law during the 70's if I recall correctly, where we were encouraged to declare all the weapons to the Gendarmerie (that's a national military law enforcing corps) but it wasn't rewarded with money or gifts and it was mandatory to fill an official declaration too so, of course, if you owned a gun illegally then you would've been screwed showing it off. But the situation here was far from what it is in Mexico or in the U.S.A. now.
Gun buybacks are a joke. The vast majority of guns collected in those buybacks are singleshot rifles and shotguns that have been sitting in closets for decades. Its just another tool of the politicians. "See, your leadership is doing something!" Unless someone wants to talk about passing a law or taking action that will actually accomplish something, this is all completely worthless.
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