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January 3rd, 2013, 03:53
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Ah, the smell of dipshit in the morning… The fact of the matter is that many, if not most, handguns lack the power to put a person down without a magazine dump. Even if you hit something biologically important, it generally takes a couple minutes for a person to bleed out. A couple minutes when the attacker will be able to retaliate.
Dipshit my ass! Oh wait…

Yes, an attacker could retaliate. What are the chances they will? If this is a trained assassin that has sworn an oath to kill you then yeah, sure, there's a pretty good chance. It's far more likely that the person you shoot isn't an assassin at all and actually just wants to steal something. You hit them ANYWHERE and what are they going to do? RUN LIKE HELL - assuming they still can.

And you know what? Unless you gave this person a very light graze, they are going to be running to a hospital. Catching them will be trivial. They can then be tried and jailed for armed robbery, which should also be a pretty trivial case unless this guy has access to some very impressive lawyers. (And, if he does, what's he doing breaking into people's homes?)

Oh, and this guy IS armed, right? You did check first before handing him the death sentance sans trial, didn't you?

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