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January 6th, 2013, 08:21
Sorry I have to post on this even though its a troll thread and I'm probably drunk. I'll preface this with the fact that I grew up in Colorado and learned to shoot rifles and handguns in Arvada and killed many paper targets and clay pigeons so I don't have a native distrust of guns and am willing to tolerate some sport and hunting use.

I grew up with friends that went to Columbine though graduated a few years before the event. My aunt lives a couple blocks from the cinema complex in Aurora but was at home that night. My sister and niece go to New Life Church in Colorado Springs where an armed idiot killed a couple people a few years ago and was then wounded by someone from the church (my niece was there that day). It does not really console me that someone else had a gun to fire at the assailant to "stop" him and probably doesn't console the relatives of the dead either.

My sister and her boyfriend probably have 15 guns between them (mostly rifles but several handguns). However that didn't help my sister the day some dude knocked on her door during the day (probably to check if anyone was home before robbing it or similar stupidity) and beat her up pretty badly when she did answer the door (without a gun on her even though there were probably 10 in that house the time). It scares me to think that these incidents could have gone very differently and instead are non-events (except for the last one really wasn't) at least to my immediate family. If my sister did have a gun ready, he very well may have just overpowered her and used it on her but fortunately he just ran off.

If you own a gun, do you always answer your door with a gun ready? My dad will not visit my sister unannounced anymore because he is afraid of having a gun on the other side of the door that is ready just in case. If you hear a bump in the night, is your first reaction to unlock your gun and load it? Hell it should be in a safe and ammo in a separate location so do you even have time to get it and load it if this were an actual event? If its not your first reaction then you probably wont have time to go fetch it when you need to. What happens with that bump is a family member who is sneaking home late at night.

Hell my nephew is now of a curious age and probably has access to these guns though I hope they are properly secured but don't actually know. I knew when I was that age that guns were cool and was probably stupid enough to play with them if we actually had them in the house.

Anyway after these events, I don't know that I support guns for personal protection use anymore. I really have a hard time with guns with large magazines that can fire more than 6 bullets without reloading we don't need them outside of the law enforcement or the military. You are not going hunting with that and you sure aren't likely to need that for a home invasion where 1 bullet is likely more than enough.

I too prefer massage with a happy ending as well.
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