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January 7th, 2013, 05:48
I think you are reading my words too literally. I'm willing to allow sport rifles and pistols and probably pump action shotguns but personally don't think its such a good idea for people to own them these days. I don't see a real situation where we could conceivably want to do a full outright ban on all guns anytime soon so I'm willing concede that point. I probably wouldn't support something that drastically outlawed all firearms anyway as that would be a step too far but I think reinstating bans on so called assault rifles isn't such a bad idea.

I have very hard time imagining situations where private citizens in this country need high capacity and high caliber rounds. You are not going to hunting with it at least not if you are going to be responsible. Do we really need to be able to purchase and use and carry machine pistols which can fire 30 bullets in 2 seconds? Or rifles which can do the same? The only place these are likely to be located legitimately is in your house anyway and wouldn't a shotgun or pistol be better for that assuming you have loved ones. I also have a hard time imagining a case where we need to rebel against our government and need these weapons to do it.

In some of the recent shootings if the guns these people had 5 rounds max there would have been a lot of reloading which takes time or switching guns which takes time and retraining their aim which takes time. Time for trained security to respond. There would still be deaths but far few shots and probably more wounded rather than dead. A little wishful thinking perhaps but you have to start somewhere and if that is curbing widespread availability then so be it. In 50 years maybe it will have a marginal effect but we don't need to continue make the problem worse.
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