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January 7th, 2013, 09:27
Oh, for the love of fucking hell. WIll those who keep saying making certain guns, or all guns, illegal will put an end or stop this kind of violence. IT WONT!!! Drugs are illegal. Is drug usage really low?? Murder and robbery are illegal. Crime rates seem to be pretty high still though huh?? The ONLY thing you will succeed in doing, is making those who sell these guns on the black market even richer. Thats all. The people who want these guns bad enough ARE STILL GOING TO GET THEM. Are we clear now? Anybody else have delusions about this still?? The only effective way to fight anything is make those who commit such deeds to be afraid of the consequences. They arent right now. And they shouldnt be. Enough money you can pretty much get away with anything. And who is afraid of prison? Very few. Start getting medieval on these assholes like I said before and you will see a drastic drop. Guaranteed.

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