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January 7th, 2013, 12:32
@Icefire, your first part made sense, then it didn't. You think crime was low when they hooked you up to horses and pulled your limbs apart ? It wasn't. The people who commit crime are not in their right mind when committing the crime. So they do NOT think of the consequences.

However, having lots of guns on the street does increase the chance of there being a gun-related crime. It's simple maths.

From this :
The people who want these guns bad enough ARE STILL GOING TO GET THEM.
It is clear that you did not pay into account that it was with a legally owned gun that the recent shooter shot his mom. If she had no gun in the house, it would have required a great deal of effort to find one in comparison.

While not hard, it would still have added an obstacle to the process and at the very least would have reduced the chance of it happening.

Also, nowhere in this post I have advocated for or against more gun control, just against the arguments you have presented in your post. Please do not run a straw man telling me I have said things I haven't.
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