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January 7th, 2013, 12:49
It's not about putting an end to crime - but about reducing crime of a particular nature. It's about making a personal sacrifice for the greater good.

Talking about owning a gun as a freedom sounds to me very much like what the slave states talked about a few hundred years ago, when owning a slave was another constitutional freedom.

Back then, they also had to make a personal sacrifice by getting rid of slaves - but of course, they didn't give that up without a fight. At least, back then, they had an argument with some weight - because their economy was very much dependant on slavery.

Today, there really is no argument with similar weight that supports owning a gun. Personal defense? Yeah, but what is personal defense to saving so many lives - as well as significantly reducing personal risk over time? It's a selfish and ignorant point of view. Again, very much like supporting slavery used to be.
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