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January 7th, 2013, 16:12
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If it's such a ridiculous argument, why did you make it? I think you're proving my point, because you're 100% correct- the original argument is completely ridiculous as are all my subsequent ones. Applying the logic to any similar situation just demonstrates how silly it truly is, and claims that the problem of guns is somehow completely unique and sustains such a silly argument simply demonstrates how far the gun control lobby is willing to stretch common logic.
No, because in the real world everything is not identical and you have to be able to see the distinction - something which is particularly hard for your kind of mindset. My argument was about gun control - nothing else. The ridiculous part was how you thought it was appropriate to use it as support for your position by replacing a few words.

It's like you don't understand how I can be for more than one thing at a time.

Given all the hubbub about global obesity and the incredible health care costs and human costs associated with it, your cavalier attitude toward it is rather surprising.
What cavalier attitude? I'd be willing to support any reasonable initiative to reduce obesity - but that's a separate issue for a separate thread.
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