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January 8th, 2013, 12:44
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Maybe I'm misreading this, but is his response to the question for the need of privately owned assault weapons his perceived need to cull the excess population - specifically whichever class/color of people he's thinking of as slaves?

Or is this his characterization what he sees as the mindset of someone who thinks they need an assault rifle?

Neither's a good option as the first would suggest a need for hospitalization and the second precludes the possibility of a respectful discussion because it somewhat unfairly (understatement) ascribes a neo-nazi survivalist militia mentality to an opposing opinion.
I'm saying the USA second amendment wasn't put there so you could shoot deer; it's there to protect you from tyrannical government making you into a slave.

Why do we need assault rifles? For the worst case scenario we'd need a LOT more than that.

Since this war on "terror" the power taken by the government though new anti-terror legislation has grown beyond what government should be allowed. What is happening now is exactly what the constitution set out to prevent! These new laws go over the top of the old ones, voiding them. Indefinite detention without trial? What if what I say is true but there's a law that makes saying it a terrorist act?

If the wrong president gets into power he can use these new laws to legally do illegal things. Speak up against a despicable crime he's committed, aka speak up against the system he represents? You're a terrorist.

So what do you do when they come knocking on your door to take you away to be put to death for trying to stop vile crimes being committed by, apparently, your selected representation? It's like a nightmare scenario for anyone and it's already started happening. (returning troops from Iraq locked up for talking against the war on facebook, for example.)

What happens if it all ends up like The Killing Fields and your child has to go fight in the arena?!

That 2nd amendment is like a security system. If someones trying to disable the security it should trigger an alarm for everyone: Warning: Probable corrupt government detected. And unfortunately the warning signs are going off all over the place.

Anyway, didn't you see the Simpsons where we burned all our guns then aliens took us over with sticks?

PS. Do a little research into False Flag scenarios. Problem, public outcry, solution. This is a logical way a corrupt government can bring about unwanted changes in a way they'll be seen as wanted solutions. Interesting "theory" at least?
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