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January 11th, 2013, 10:39
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Something we have in common with the rest of the world.
Maybe in your fantasy world. I've never heard about a civilised European country like my own where people are so paranoid and deluded.

So, what "rest of the world" are you referring to?

I love how everyone assumes that it will just be Billy Joe and Bobby Sue standing alone against a superior military force. Should it ever come to that on a national scale, the military will be just as divided as the civilian populace.
Everyone? Could you point out more than a single person in this thread who assumes the military won't be divided if this fantasy delusion should ever happen?

Also, anyone that thinks that one should never fight when "outgunned" is simply a coward. Sometimes it's worth losing a fight just to say you fought it.
Sounds fair - and then anyone stating what you just did is a moron. Corwardice and bravery aren't about thinking or ideals - it's about what you do when things happen. Talking about being brave while behind your computer screen is truly pathetic.

Wanting to save lives and being willing to compromise your own safety to do it - is hardly the act of a coward.

This isn't Hollywood where the people who sacrifice their own lives in futile efforts to slaughter other people before being slaughtered themselves is a worthy cause. Generally, that's just a tragic loss of life.

I'm sure you can turn that into admirable bravery like in the movies - but don't expect people with brains to buy it.
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