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January 14th, 2013, 10:15
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But you're more than happy to simplify the problem to being the easy access of guns. Is the problem poverty, or guns? If it's guns, then why didn't the ban solve anything, as y'all claim it will? If it's poverty, then why are you going after the guns? And before you tell me it's both and that it's just so damn complicated, then why are you only up in arms about one aspect and only attempting to deal with one aspect? Y'all make the problem sound pretty simple when you're trying to grab the guns.
Point out where people are saying the issue is exclusively about guns.

Oh, you can't? Well - then your bullshit is just that - yet again.

Gun availability is a major issue - and poverty is a major issue. We need to deal with both - but we shouldn't ignore one while dealing with the other.

Especially since poverty is a much harder nut to crack - as people are too selfish and ignorant to ever give up resources for other people on a wider scale.

Guns, however, can be dealt with - at least in the long term. I'm sure a lot of people are pissing their pants at the thought of all that lost profit, but it's not everyone - and there are other ways to exploit people than manufacturing weapons.

Are you suggesting we can't deal with one issue and keep others in mind? I'm sure that's beyond your own capacity - but that's not the case for others here. We can focus on guns in a thread about guns - and yet understand that there are other issues requiring constant attention.

Create a thread about poverty - and you'll find many of the same people there. Amazing, isn't it?
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