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January 15th, 2013, 17:01
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In gun control, the objective evidence does not support gun control as a means to achieve the stated goals - see real world evidence I've supplied over 2 threads. Lacking the necessary facts, the gun control folks have gone for an emotional plea, offering an end result as a justification. It's the exact same flawed logic used with "God intended it that way."
The objective evidence show that the states have an unusual amount of rampage killers and firearm murders compared to other western nations.

To explain this we need a theory consistent with observable evidence. For instance, the "God was expunged from schools" theory is contradicted by the low rate of rampage killings in highly secular nations so that theory doesn't work. So we need to look at other factors that correlate with frequency of rampage killers. The Americans are mere crazy theory doesn't seem to fly either since the killer profile can be found in other nations, yet rampage killers aren't frequent;

Do firearm possession correlate with firearm murders?

Are they legal?

To quote a leading philosopher;

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