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January 15th, 2013, 21:30
Dte, one more try. As Jemy is saying. The gun control was meant to reduce the amount of gun-related deaths in Chicago. However, if poverty went up at the same time or a multitude of other factors change, then the gun control will not be as effective.


Gun control is only one ( repeat, 1, repeat again, 1 ) of the elements of reducing gun-related crimes.

Your oversimplifications do not help.

In this thread we have been discussing gun control and not poverty alleviation since that is what Sam brought up!

If you want to talk about alleviating poverty, then you are welcome to create a thread about that and I am quite certain you will have a lot of people disagreeing with you on those counts too.

So for the last time from me to you:

Gun crime is not related only to gun control, but it is one of the factors as shown from Jemy's graphs, so that is why it IS being discussed as a way to reduce it

Do you finally understand that ?

EDIT: Everyone else, excuse my large fonts, but dte has had a habit of ignoring my posts in this thread, so I'm trying to make sure he actually sees this one.
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