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January 16th, 2013, 03:50
I post a story, I ramble a little and express myself, then you guys do all the arguing. It's actually quite a nice arrangement. Youre seriously breaking out mathematical formulas here, awesome. I had no idea it would go to this torturous length! I know Hitler has to have made an appearance in the prior pages by now, i just have no desire to thread therein. In a way I almost feel sorry for the rigors that everyone who isnt a 'male feminist' has had to endure in this thread. Then again, you guys seem to enjoy it….

Anyway, this one isnt too much of a "story" so I can only get so amped about it. No lone mother defending her children, no ailing invalid saved by his trusty 9mm he's had since the summer of '69. Just those magical words 'suspect killed'.

Home invasion suspect shot and killed, homeowner not injured

That is indeed what i consider a "happy ending"

Well, that and me going to make a grilled cheese. Watch some Trek w/ the wife.
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