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January 16th, 2013, 15:51
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OK. So what in there makes your opinion globally applicable? What makes GBG's opinion (and it's not just you, we could put lots of names behind the exact same sentiment) more important than dte's or Sammy's or bn's choice? That only relevant data point says that taking away guns didn't solve anything and the laws of the land are extremely clear protecting that choice. So what gives you the right to take away my choice? Because you "think so"? "The greater good" that somehow didn't benefit in Chicago? Please.
Wow, dte, you seem to really have a penchant for ignoring any posts that actually refute what you're saying.

I am giving you an A+ for that. Everything else though is you claiming we're on high horses.

You've again ignored two of my posts and have quite comfortingly for you ignored all the of the statistics Jemy brought to your attention.
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