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January 16th, 2013, 16:55
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OK. So what in there makes your opinion globally applicable? What makes GBG's opinion (and it's not just you, we could put lots of names behind the exact same sentiment) more important than dte's or Sammy's or bn's choice? That only relevant data point says that taking away guns didn't solve anything and the laws of the land are extremely clear protecting that choice. So what gives you the right to take away my choice? Because you "think so"? "The greater good" that somehow didn't benefit in Chicago? Please.
huh? That post seems completely unrelated to what I wrote. I was voicing a specific opinion regarding certain situations involving guns. It was not a political post or adressing the wider issue at all.

To neverthelss address your point - of course *I* don't have any rights to take anything away from you. I am voicing an opinion (not so much in the post you replied to, but in others) in a debate. I think a majority decision in your own country certainly does have the right to take things away from you, should it ever come to that.

Maybe a subtext of your message is why am I (a foreigner) even interested or feeling entitled to have an opinion? Although insubstantial for an internet debate, I will give you an answre: For very general, fundamental reasons for one, because the (to me at least) illogical arguments of the pro gun lobby irk me.
That would be enough actually, but I have other personal reasons too. I lived in the US long enough to become interested in its politics for more reason than it just being the superpower #1. My daughter is born there, is hence an american citizen, and may well choose to study or live there one day. My brother lives in the US permanently. So I take an interest.

Now explain me one thing: we have seen many figures here with many datapoints. Why is the only "relevant one" according to you, the one specific one that supports your view?

Anyway I don't know the situation with Chicago well enough (a quick goolge tells me its a ban on automatic guns and concealed carriage?), but to be able to judge wheteher it really supports you position (considering that a lot of other data does not). I would need to know a number of things, like has it really led to a lower number of guns in posession (google fu tells me its still over 20% in IL?) , is the law effective (considering its one city/state in the US, without real border control), how have poverty, overall crime rates, etc. changed in the period you refer to, are there other cases that can be compared (because a single case can't be very convincing overall in any case) etc.
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