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January 16th, 2013, 17:52
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This was credited to Morgan Freeman, but he since has denied it.
Well yeah because it wasn't him. People do shit like that all the time - take a relatively well thought out statement on something and lie by pretending someone famous and/or of some import said it. I suppose that's because some people are just so damned proud of how clever they think they are they just can't let their words stand on their own so they feel they need to lie and attribute their thoughts to someone whose name attracts the attention they feel they themselves really deserve.

Its a shame because the actual author of that quote makes some good points (though I don't precisely agree with the wording of the last bit.) The vulture-like behavior of the 24-hour news networks over tragedy and the way in which they tend to give these fame-seeking psychos far too much of exactly what they want is certainly frustrating.
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