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January 16th, 2013, 20:41
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What exactly should we be proud of, oh profound giver of oracular wisdom? You've clearly got what you think is a better answer. Of course, we both know that you've admitted yourself that your grand plan with its philosophical paradigm shifts is hundreds of years from having the slightest hope of being even remotely viable, so in many ways that puts you on par with the folks that are waiting for the aliens to come take us to a better world. By all means, I cede the floor.
What do you mean what should you be proud of? Do you have a pride-compulsion or something? If so, then I understand your need to apply it even when it makes no sense.

I can't tell you how to feel about things - I'm just making a suggestion. If you're proud of your nation, then it seems to conflict with the insane paranoia about the government coming after you.

Note I'm not talking about YOU necessarily - but the people who feel that way.

It's pretty plain from your method of debate that you ignore everything that is a direct reply to your points - and just pretend people haven't adressed the same criticisms over and over.

It's like you think you can create a reality where you haven't been refuted time and time again, but the problem is that it's not a reality - but a fantasy for you and you alone.

Pladio and Jemy have been repeating themselves a dozen times over - and you STILL pretend they haven't said what they've very clearly said.

What a sad way to hold a position.
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