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January 18th, 2013, 18:18
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False causality. Most people that carry guns (not own, but actually carry) are doing so illegally and tend to come from lower income level areas that have more crime.

Saying that carrying a gun increases your likelihood of being shot is like saying that people who take cancer drugs are more likely to die of cancer than those that don't.
while that analogy makes senses it fails in that you have a choice in owning a gun, ie and no one will be dying by a gun owners hand who doesn't own one, whereas preventing cancer is far from easy or certain.

i was thinking about this last night, more to do with violence in general, not guns persay. but i really believe this countries converstaion would more legit if we reinstated the draft. people would be less prone to be so open to aggresion when there are actual risks for them and their families. also i'm sure i'll get lambasted but if the draft were to involve a lottery i think one factor that could be used in weighting your chances were increased by the amount of violence in films/tv/games you exposed yourself to. although at 35 i'm not sure i would be eligble for that draft in princple people like myself who believes in non-violence would be held somewhat more accountable for spending a hefty chunk of time doing things, even if virtually that are in direct contrast to my beliefs. (i do take the non-violent approach in games if given the opportuinity, but that is a slim minority of games). of course there would realisticly be nearly impossible to tract anyhow without a massive infringement on our privacy so i can't forsee, or condone it happening to that end. still there needs to be some accounting for our societies uptick in intake of violent viceseral virtual experiences that lack the risk of prior generations exposure to violence and risk that are pretty much a part of human nature.

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