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January 23rd, 2013, 22:22
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It strikes me as hipocritical for xSamhainx to loudly defend his freedom to bear arms and to be upset with those who pursue their happiness throu smoking?

Your not really comparing smoking to owning a gun are you?

According to the cdc:

Smoking related deaths per year in US—443,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)

Gun related deaths—

All homicides
Number of deaths: 16,259
Deaths per 100,000 population: 5.3
Firearm homicides
Number of deaths: 11,078
Deaths per 100,000 population: 3.6

So we would just need a mass shooting to kill 121 people every day for a year for guns to be equal.

I guess people are fine with smoking deaths though because they happen slowly and the news rarely ever covers them. If they covered every smoking related death there wouldn't be time to cover anything else.

But I guess people will sit on there couch after another fattening meal with a smoke and a beer next to their children and see a mass shooting on the new and complain about gun control.

Never stopping to realize that violent crimes in america are 19th in mortality rate, well behind smoking, alcohol, obesity and vehicular related deaths.

So I wouldn't consider xSamhainx a hypocrite. If we had to choose between eradicating guns or smoking then there's really only 1 smart choice.
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