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January 23rd, 2013, 23:07
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Could you point out who around here is fine with deaths caused by smoking?

Ok, so stop spouting your bullshit and read what's written instead.

He's talking about freedoms - and SamX has a major problem with the freedom to smoke but apparently has no problem with the freedom to own a gun. This despite both being the cause of death in countless cases.

Are you suggesting the amount of deaths is the reason SamX is ok with one - but not the other? Because that's ridiculously stupid to suggest.

If you're going to create a fantasy strawman - perhaps you should choose something that's less insultingly ignorant than claiming people are fine with people dying from smoking.
I understand he's comparing the freedoms. But they are apples and oranges.

Responsibly owing and caring for a gun hurts no one.

Smoking will always hurt someone even if it's only the smoker but i bet you'd be hard pressed to find a smoker who only smokes alone.

It's funny many people on here are talking about banning guns, you know for the greater good. Yet a guy vents about smoking and then everyone is concerned about peoples rights.

I'm not spouting bullshit, it's called facts.

You sure do get worked up easily and jump to the insults. Ridiculously stupid, insultingly ignorant, I don't think so.

Just look around you despite the over whelming numbers people are way more concerned with gun violence than smoking deaths. You don't see nearly the outrage because smoking deaths come slowly over the years and don't get plastered on the news when they happen. People may not be "fine" with smoking deaths but they seem more concerned with peoples right to smoke.

Surly logic would tell you that fixing the smoking epidemic would save many more lives than banning guns.

You have posted many times it's about saving lives if you truly believe that I have a hard time seeing why you have a problem with what i've posted.
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