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January 24th, 2013, 06:41
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As someone who has never smoked, what is so wonderful about it? Not trying to be a jerk, just curious. I've asked others and they've never really had an answer.
To me it just looks silly sucking in smoke and blowing it out for no apparent reason.
Its a drug. It just feels good. To be more accurate, after awhile, it's the only time you feel 'normal'. That's the effect most self medication finally achieves.
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My grandma died of emphysema. We used to go fishing all the time, after she was diagnosed and had to stop smoking she didn't want to go fishing anymore. She said it wasn't enjoyable without smoking. I will always remember that but never understand it.
The mind makes odd connections between certain activities. It took me quite awhile to learn to enjoy having a few pints with friends right after quitting. The two activities were so linked in my mind that if I had a beer in my hand, I could hardly focus on anything other than my burning desire for a cigarette.
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My mom died of kidney disease and heart failure and wouldn't stop smoking despite the doctors telling her to. I remember the last time she went into the hospital, before she was too weak she would wheel herself outside attached to her IV just to have a smoke. Sad really.
Sorry for both your grandmother and mother. Sometimes we allow destructive behavior to be so indelibly tied in with who we are that we can't set it aside.

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People have told you that cigar smoke is less bothersome than cigarettes? I have to wonder about those people.

As much as I hate cigarette smoke, I find cigar smoke to be far worse. In fact, quite often I will get a headache immediately upon coming in contact with it.
Some people have a really intense reaction, while others hardly at all. Its hard to imagine that something I have no problem smelling could cause such an effect on someone else. That misunderstanding is probably the source of most of the animosity between smokers and non smokers. Heck, even now, regular cigarette smoke doesn't bother me much unless I'm eating or not feeling well. But my wife? Tobacco smoke can actually cause her face to break out into a rash.
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