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January 24th, 2013, 10:22
Might have been Walmart. I was in the states between 2004 to 2006. Good to hear they changed that.
Dte, well, I agree and disagree. I think it has become clear in this thread, that most of us who are pro gun control acknowledge that there are other important factors. Poverty has been discussed repeatedly. I think if it were easy to address poverty, we would all live in a better world, but if you want to enforce policy to combat poverty, you certainly have my blessing. I didn't get the impression that that is high on the republican agenda, but it's certainly an argument that can be made.

That does not mean that gun ownership is not a factor. I think if you look at the data that has been presented, it is very hard to argue otherwise. I haven't head time to reply to your refection of the data, but I find it unconvincing. Primarily I think gun death really is the right parameter to look at. Accidents, even killing a burglar in your house are a part of the problem, not just murders, and not just mass shootings. The latter are just especially worrisome symptoms. But if I hear that the NRA and some of you here still spin the yarn that the answer should be MORE guns, I am sorry I have to scratch my head. With the gun culture you have, and social problems you country has, that is just wrong.

And I think you have to admit that gun ownership and gun culture go hand in hand in your country - I mean it's the culture that makes you and Samhain and the crazy Irish person argue against controls isn't it?
I don't think I would find people like you guys on a Swiss gaming forum. So should we rather ask for legislation to brainwash all gun owners?
Addressing gun ownership ( I am not arguing for a total ban, but for strict regulation, registration and enforcement, and bans on weaponst that are particularly dangerous and nonsensical in private hands like semi-automatic rifeles etc., and strict limitations on gun carrying and clear rules on gun storage, with an actual effort to enforce them). If you absolutely need to keep a weapons cache for the coming Zombie apocalypse, you have my blessing, but keep them in a safe until the time comes. If you feel you need to be ready for the coming civil war, join the national guard (a well armed militia is what I believe the 2nd amendment is meant to protect).
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