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January 24th, 2013, 22:36
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Has it been conclusively proven/disproven that secondhand smoke is dangerous yet? I would guess that all depends on the amount of exposure. I need to look that up, bolster my disdain with convenient science factoids. Maybe i can win Dart over after all.
There is solid scientific support for the risks of passive smoking. Among the main effects in children are bronchial asthma and more/more severe upper and lower airway infections. In general we find a 30% increase in the risks of lung cancer and myocardial infarction.

It all depends on the amount of exposure. I would think that long term exposure to tobacco smoke is most frequent in private homes, at least in Norway. Occupational and environmental hazards because of passive smoking is largely eliminated since smoking now is banned at most work places (correct English?) and in pubs and cafes. BTW, before, smoking was banned in pubs and cafes, opponents claimed that it would cause dramatic reductions in the number of guests and widespread bankruptcies in the business. It didn't happen. And today the smoking ban is widely supported, even among smokers.

pibbur who has never been tempted to smoke. Both his parents smoked when he was young, also in the family car (this was in the happy sixties), which made pibbur feel really sick. Which he still remembers. In other words: no positive vibrations at all with smoking, only very negative ones. Strangely, his sister was exposed to the same amount of in-car smoke, didn't prevent her from starting smoking (she doesn't smoke now).

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