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January 26th, 2013, 16:19
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well that's the major point I don't like. I'm also totally anti-pvp so that big part of the game is off for me as well. It doesn't have to be theme-park (in fact, I don't like theme-park either). What I like is something like Everquest and City of Heroes hadů join a group of people, go to some place, fight hard battles against the AI where tactics are important, and at the end of the day gain progression towards max level, which is retiring time and should be at least like 6 months-1 year away.

So it seems this game and me don't have much in common
No, I think you're right. There aren't many games left that stretch the actual leveling experience out that much.

You might check out Vanguard, however. That's a pretty old-school game with some serious challenges all the way to the end.
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