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January 31st, 2013, 01:40
not voting in an election of for a particular office is a choice. not voting at all though is altogether different and more of a mindset rather than a flexing of any democratic right but more that apathetic response of someone who truly doesn't give enough of a shit, despite their probable eagerness to complain.

fight apathy…or don't

and its untrue that that are usually only 2 canditates, their maybe only 2 potential winners, or one for that matter but its called doing research, putting support behind canidates that have value and princeples that you care for. i voted green for president in 2012 for that very reason. i believe obama is good president even though hugely flawed, and his actions on a number of issues meant i would not vote for him twice. instead of bitching about it though i voted green. also if you can't find a canidate or small party that cares about some of the issues you do, well you might be a sociopath. people everywhere, especially in this country need to drop the emphasis on winning (and whining for that matter). strugles take years and just because your issues may not carry the day in a election or even a lifetime is no excuse to say one/your vote doesn't matter. in the end it all adds up and siting on the sidelines in elections, proves only that some people want to be neutered sheep.

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