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Default NEed a reliable File Hosting Site to post all the game fixes

January 31st, 2013, 02:41
I got fed up with all the ridiculously long threads about installing WG or PRECURSORS.
almost all the links were on megaupload which no longer exists.

I have everything for a complete install and ALL sound fixes for english versions of these 2 games. (minus the game itself,lol) I have rar'd each file, and it is ready for upload.
However, the russian sound file are 1.3 gb and 1.5 gb. and almost every site ive tried has a really small upload size limit.
Can someone share the name of a reliable FREE file hosting site please. one that doesnt auto delete files (this is a niche game, and i dont want the files deleted after no uploads for 7 days)
(Ive tried SendSpace, but there is a piddly 300mb upload limit)
(tried Gamefront, just as bad)
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